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1. Ownership information

This website belongs to:

Secher Communication
Strandvejen 9, 1.
DK-9000 Aalborg
Corp. reg. no.: 38387162
Phone: 28643315


On this page, you can read about the type of information we collect when you visit When you visit us, we collect information about you, your device, and your actions on this website. Here, you can find out more about the use, handling and access to this data.

Secher Communication is committed to comply with the guidelines established by Foreningen af Danske Interaktive Medier at any time in terms of collecting cookies and personal data.


2. What is a cookie?

This website uses cookies. Read more about cookies and the legal foundation in “Bekendtgørelse om krav til information og samtykke ved lagring af eller adgang til oplysninger i slutbrugeres terminaludstyr (Cookiebekendtgørelsen)” on

A cookie is a small text file, which is stored in your browser in order to recognise your device upon recurring visits. A cookie is a passive file, which cannot contain personal information, viruses, spyware, etc.


2.1 The use of cookies on our website

When you visit, we use cookies to improve your navigation on the website. We also use cookies to create statistics about the number of users on the website, screen resolution and other interests in order to customise any content and advertising to you. We also use cookies to provide targeted ads on other websites.


2.2 Duration of cookie storage

Cookies are self-deleted after six months. Every time you re-visit, the period is extended. Thus, cookies are stored a minimum six months after your latest visit.


2.3 How to avoid cookies

If you do not want to receive cookies, you can block all cookies, delete existing cookies or choose to receive a notification whenever a cookie is stored on your device. You can find a guide about how to avoid cookies here, which is useful for most browsers.


2.4 Cookies from our ad partners

Secher Communication has ad partners, which transmit cookies via our website and have access to information that was collected via cookies from our website (third-party cookies). The ad partners are:

  • Google


It is possible to opt out of a group of ad networks, which share information across various networks. You can find the list here and disable cookies from ad partners.


2.5 Google Analytics (traffic measurement)

Secher Communication uses cookies from Google Analytics to measure website traffic. You are able to opt out from cookies from Google Analytics


3. Privacy Policy

The following privacy policy applies to users of


3.1 Use of Personal Data

Personal data are never provided to third-parties without explicit consent. We will never collect any personal data without explicit consent from registration, purchase or participation in a survey, etc. In this case, information is collected about name, address, zip code, email, gender, age, interests, and knowledge of various topics.

Personal data is used to complete the purchase or the service, which the data has been collected with. The information is also used to improve knowledge of you and other users of the website. This use might be surveys and analyses with the intention of improving our products, services and technologies as well as the provision of content and ads, which are customised to your interests and hobbies.


3.2 Contact regarding personal information

If you want access to the information that has been registered about you with Secher Communication, you must get in contact at In case of incorrect data or other objections, you need to make an enquiry at the same place. It is possible to gain insight to the information, which has been registered about you, and you can make an objection against a registration with reference to the Danish Data Protection Act.


3.3 Protection of Personal Data

In reference to the Danish Data Protection Act, all personal data must be stored securely and confidentially. We will store your personal data on computers with limited access, which are placed in controlled facilities. Our security precautions are controlled on a regular basis to ensure that any user information is administrated securely. However, we cannot guarantee 100 % security during online data transfers. This means that a risk of others gaining unauthorised access to the information exists when data is transferred and stored electronically. Thus, you are providing your personal data at your own responsibility.

According to the Data Protection Act, you are allowed to gain insight into the data, which may lead to you. In case of incorrect or misleading information or data, you have the right to demand the correction, deletion or blocking of the data. At any time, you can make an objection to have any information corrected. You are also able, at any time, to recall your consent. You are able to complain about the handling of any information and data about you. Any complaints should be made to The Danish Data Protection Agency (Article 58, 1. of the Data Protection Act).

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