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Professional Copywriting and Translation

At Secher Communication, we help companies getting additional value from their texts by attracting more customers. We provide high-quality texts to meet the needs and requirements of companies and end-customers in an efficient and clear way.
The outcome is texts that are useful to your customers and create value to your company.

High-Quality Texts for Many Purposes



Creative copywriting promotes your organisation and products/services effectively through high quality texts that emphasise key benefits and messages.



Professional translation and transcreation into 15+ languages that takes linguistic and cultural differences into consideration while maintaining key messages.


Text Optimisation

Optimisation of your texts will increase focus on customer value and improve the impact of key messages by improving both content and linguistic quality.


Search Optimisation (SEO)

Search optimisation provides valuable insight into your target group’s behaviour and needs to facilitate high-quality texts that improve visibility and create value.

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